The Fountain of Youth: Fending Off Aging


We all want to look and feel younger. The good news is that no matter how old you are, there are ways to slow the aging process. Whether you see it on your face or feel it in your body, the effects of age can be reversed – or at least arrested.

Let's start with what ages us. Some characteristics of aging are hereditary, like heart disease. Many people who have relatives who died early of a heart attack may be predisposed to do so themselves. People with relatives who suffered from arthritis or asthma also may suffer from the same inflammatory diseases. But most characteristics of aging are a result of wear and tear – in other words, factors to which we've subjected our bodies.

If you're of an advanced age, then it may be difficult to turn these characteristics around. Inflammation plays a significant role in how quickly the body ages – from the inside out. Eating unhealthy fats, being stressed and skimping on sleep, smoking, excess alcohol intake, and a sedentary lifestyle all increase inflammation, an autoimmune condition resulting in redness and irritation throughout the body. 

So if you have genetic conditions that may cause your body to age faster, counteract them with a healthy diet, the right supplements, exercise and plenty of sleep.


HealthElisa Cifuentes