Need a Bathroom Vanity Makeover?


When you're looking to pair utility and luxury in the bathroom, the vanity is a good place to start. It’s become trendy to repurpose another piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity, and it can work for you if you follow a few tips and tricks.

Consider the size of your space first. Whatever piece you choose must fit, plus have a little breathing room and sit at an appropriate height. Designers usually don't recommend two sinks if your furniture is less than 60 inches long.

A bathroom’s humid environment means either adding a counter top and/or coating the piece in polyurethane to protect from water damage.


Here are a few ideas for creating a new vanity from something old:

  •  Credenzas, buffets and sideboards
  •  Wood filing cabinets
  •  Map or blueprint cabinets


For smaller spaces, these pieces work beautifully:

  •  Antique desks
  • Student desks
  • Sewing tables