Fake it BIG Maximizing Small Spaces


Whether capitalizing on the tiny house trend or enjoying the compact city life, there are plenty of ways you can maximize a small space.

Get vertical - We always hear that wearing horizontal stripes will make our bodies look bigger, but the same can’t be said for indoor spaces. Whether it’s striped wallpaper or a wood pattern, decorating with vertical stripes creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, making the room look less cramped.

Camouflage storage - Bookcases and cabinets built into the walls can streamline the room and create much-needed storage space. Adding sliding doors to them allows you to conceal clutter when needed.

Color carefully - A dark room will not reflect as much light as one with a brighter hue. Small spaces should be kept as light as possible, but don’t be afraid to use color to create an accent wall and focus attention to certain areas, like walls where seating might be situated. For example, a blue-toned white on most walls, coupled with a complementary robin’s-egg blue in a strategic space, say, behind a sofa, opens up the space without making it too boring.