Selling Your Home? Add Curb Appeal


You never get a second chance to make a first impression – and neither does your home. From the door to the drapes, you can add value to your home and make an instant impact on potential buyers with just a few tweaks to the exterior. Start by taking a walk around your property. Notice anything out of place – runaway hoses, wild weeds, loose bricks, messy mulch, and anything else that may detract from your home's appearance. Drive by your home slowly, from all directions, to spot anything a potential buyer might see when they pull up to your home. Is there missing siding? Loose fence planks? Then start concentrating on key areas.

Knock, knock…what does the door look like? Over time, wood and steel doors can get nicked, scuffed and dented. Be sure yours is clean, smooth and gleaming, ready to meet visitors. Add a rich look by hanging a door knocker. Upgrade doorknobs and locks that have seen better days – or that are made of cheap contractor's brass. Instead, go with brushed nickel or bronze for a richer look. Be sure the locks work smoothly and hinges are well lubricated. No potential buyer wants to enter a home with a squeaky, creepy door!

Is the grass always greener? Beautiful landscaping is an absolute must when it comes to selling your home. Lush grass, groomed edging and flower beds are three focal areas of your yard. Replace old mulch with fresh mulch or flower beds. If you have a smaller yard, then keep it uncluttered to create the illusion of more square footage. Planters, stone paths, loose hoses and garden décor can take up space, making it look cramped.

Welcome, welcome! Your entryway, whether a sidewalk, steps, large porch or small platform, should be tidy and inviting. The elements that comprise this area include the mailbox, porch, furniture, vegetation, windows and driveway. Dress up a plain-Jane mailbox by replacing or painting it, adding flower beds at the foot of it and applying new street numbers. Be sure walkways are well-lit with attractive lighting for evening visitors. Ensure that the porch and driveway are clean and replace any loose brick, unsightly concrete or other unappealing outdoor flooring. An outdoor rug is an easy way to cover any flaws. Add a swing, rocking chairs and tables if space allows. And welcome visitors with pops of floral color, whether you choose beds, a container garden or hanging garden. Don't forget a pretty welcome mat!

Say it with color. Any realtor will tell you that a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to add value and appeal to your home, inside and out. So, what needs perking up? Start with a pressure wash to bring out the true, bright color of your brick or siding. The shingles and doors are great places to start painting. A bold color on the door looks fresh and modern. Finish by playing the numbers game – buyers are sure to notice harmonious and beautiful house numbers that complement the exterior.

Your home is sure to be a hot commodity when you take the time to improve the exterior. Pack a punch with that key first impression by paying attention to the details that welcome buyers to your home.


HomeElisa Cifuentes